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Integrated Working with the Core Quadrant™

The certification program “Integrated Working with the Core Quadrant™” offers professionals the opportunity to obtain formal authorization to apply the Core Quadrant™ model in their work in an effective and engaging manner. It provides participants with a quantum leap in their personal and professional development. After completing the program, you are fully qualified to use the model in training programs, coaching sessions or consultancy activities. The Core Quadrant™ will be presented and used as a means to work in a comprehensive, integrated way with lasting impact as an outcome.


Why participate in this certification program?

The current era pushes you as a manager, employee or professional to show results and demonstrate capabilities in many different areas at the same time – which in turn requires you to observe and function in an integrated manner. This means that you need to be aware and combine three elements simultaneously:

  • What's going on inside me? What brings me alive or brings me down? (I)

  • What's happening between us? How do we interact and what values do we share? (WE)

  • What is our focus in terms of content? What concrete results do we aim for? (IT)


Lasting impact can only be achieved if these three aspects – our individual attitude, the relationships we build and the content we work on - all make sense. If one of the three is incorrect, incomplete or missing altogether, you probably end up with nothing. In addition to substantive knowledge and cognitive skills, integrated working therefore also requires self-knowledge and social skills. This is where the Core Quadrant™ comes in: as a model from the IT world, it provides a very effective way of gaining insight into your inner world (I) and cooperation issues (WE). It is powerful in its simplicity and profoundness and beautiful in its effect. Due to its simplicity, the Core Quadrant™ is deceptively simple, which is why solid training of the model is indispensable for effective use. The comments of the participants after this program show again and again how powerful and varied the possibilities are to use the Core Quadrant™ as an instrument for reflection, analysis, dialogue and development.


For whom?

Integrated Working with the Core Quadrant™ focuses on organizational consultants, trainers, HR professionals, coaches, teachers and mediators who want to further develop themselves professionally and want to apply the Core Quadrant™ in their own practice in an authorized and correct manner. Successfully completing the program will make you a Certified Core Quadrant Trainer, for which a quality mark logo is available that you can include in your branding and communication. The Certification program is part of the Continuing Coach Education from the International Coaching Federation (ICF) and also allows you to register for 24 hours (Core competencies: 18 hours and Resource Development: 6 hours).



  • Learning to apply the concept of Integrated Working.

  • Gaining insight into one's own core qualities, pitfalls, challenges and allergies.

  • Experiencing various methodologies to create Core Quadrant™s and to make them transparent to others (intuitively, creatively, cognitively and physically).

  • Experiencing the many application possibilities of the model:

    • For individual awareness and development

    • For individual coaching

    • For leadership development

    • For team development and coaching

    • To improve the cooperation between different individuals, functions, locations and cultures

    • In conflict management

    • For constructive feedback

    • For performance management

    • In culture change programs

    • In education, schools and universities

    • etcetera.


Program composition

Integrated Working with the Core Quadrant™ consists of three parts:

  • a telephone intake interview prior to the start of the program;

  • a two-day block (every day from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.);

  • a return day (9 a.m. to 5 p.m.) approximately 8 weeks after the first two-day block.



The program is preceded by a telephone intake interview. The aim of this intake interview is to align the participant's expectations with the set-up of the program, which can be fine-tuned following the intake interviews.


As mentioned above, the three-day program is divided into a two-day module and a one-day follow-up session approximately eight weeks later. The first two days are aimed at experiencing and exploring yourself and the relations you manage in your personal and professional life. The return day focuses on gaining insight into the many practical applications of the model, based on your own first experiences. Participants are expected to spend some time on preparation based on some specific assignments that will be sent in advance. This will be explained in more detail upon registration.


Network of authorized professionals

Over the past twenty years, approximately 2,500 professionals such as trainers, coaches, consultants, mediators, teachers and executives have participated in the Core Quadrant™ certification program worldwide. This has created an international network that allows new professional contacts in many countries and meets on an irregular basis somewhere in Europe.


Intellectual Property

The Core Quadrant™ (Kernkwadrant®) is a registered trademark, protected by the intellectual property rights of Daniel Ofman and free for non-commercial use only. Any use in a commercial context is reserved for professionals certified in the use of the methodology. The organization of certification programs (train the trainer activities) is expressly reserved for Core Quality International and its consulting partners.



As part of the certification program, you will obtain an English-language copy from the books Building Commitment and Enthusiasm in Organisations and Fancy Meeting Me Here?! and a copy of the Core Quadrant™ Game.


Anyone certified by this program will have access to the latest content updates of a vast array of training materials on Dropbox, available in many languages. The pricing and design of the program also includes that authorized professionals can purchase the exclusive Core Qualities and Core Quadrant™ booklet for their workshops directly from Core Quality International. There is no purchase obligation. You can purchase these booklets, if in stock, in many languages that are not available to the general public.


Dates 2024

IWCQ 24-1 in English

Two-day module: Thursday 1 and Friday 2 February 2024

Return day: Thursday March 28, 2024

IWCQ 24-2 in English

Two-day module: Thursday 19 and Friday 20 September 2024

Return day: Thursday November 21, 2024



The costs for the certification program are € 1,895 excluding 21% VAT. This amount includes day arrangement costs (coffee, tea, water, snacks and lunch) and the materials described above. Please note that lodging (overnight stays) prior, during and after the program is not included in the program and needs to be arranged at participants’ costs. Suggestions for lodging possibilities can be made available upon request.



The meetings take place in the center of Rotterdam, The Netherlands, in a historic ambiance in the Scheepvaartkwartier directly on the Maas river, within walking distance of the metro and tram. No overnight stay is included.


Trainers and facilitators

Niels-Peter van Doorn


To register

See the Sign up tab at the top of the page. Click on the Registration tab and the IWCQ Registration Form will appear. You can fill in this form step by step and complete your registration with the approval of our cancellation policy.

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