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Core Quality International designs and facilitates programs about:

  • Organizational development

  • Leadership development

  • Competence development

  • Personal development

  • Idea development, creativity and innovation


Core Quality International is active in large, very large and small companies with commercial and non profit activities. The core business of our clients is usually education, retail, production, transport or chemical, governmental departments, banks, insurances or other kinds of activities. See the button Clienst for an overview of our clients through out the years.


Core Quality International facilitates international and local activities, with short-term interventions like lectures, long-term team coaching, leadership or vitality programs or problem solving labs. Of course we often include Daniel’s core quadrant® in development programs, but his business administration and engineering background guarantees a practical and no-nonsense integral approach.

Core Quality International is worldwide active in the area of empowerment, building enthusiasm and commitment.

We provide certification programs around core qualities, the core quadrant and our well known integral approach of organizational issues. See the button Partners for an impression of my international partner network.

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