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This is the book Fancy meeting me here (in Dutch Hé Ik daar) in the Norwegian language. 


Using Core Quadrants to Discover and Develop Your Core Qualities. Are you aware:


  • That by nature we all have core qualities?
  • That your core qualities ‘color’ all that you do or see?
  • That your core qualities are inspirational to yourself and others?
  • That problems are often caused by improper balance of core qualities?
  • That you can solve such problems by knowing about your core qualities?
  • That the Core Quadrant® instantly illuminates your qualities, pitfalls and challenges?

(NO) Kjernekvadranten

€ 39,99Prijs
WEIGHT 280 g
SIZE 14 × 21 × 1.9 cm
ISBN 9788283840261


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