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Core Quality International offers many kinds of downloads in several languages. Some of these are for everyone, some are for certified professionals only who have integrated working with Core Quadrants in their professional activities as coaches, trainers or consultants and have been certified by Daniel Ofman.

The Core Quadrant® is a registered trademark and is ‘free for non-commercial use and non-digital use only’. This means that professionals or companies using Core Quadrants commercially should be certified to do so. Certified professionals usually have the certification logo on their website.

Click here for free downloads, like a handbook for creative problem solving,  flyers, references, a CV of Daniel Ofman, etcetera.

Certified professionals have access through their own dropbox to materials like exercises, a checklist for workshops or training programs, a 12-statements validity check for a core quadrant, a logbook, presentation material, a certification logo, and many colourful core quadrants and double quadrants both filled in as well as open quadrants.

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