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The Core Quadrant Game

A unique and inspiring way to get to know yourself and others. By means of 128 playing cards you can compose countless core quadrants each consisting of a core quality, a pitfall, a challenge and an allergy of yourself or somebody else. Each card is elucidated by synonym and a popular saying. This bestselling game is based on the core quadrant model described in the bestselling books Fancy Meeting Me Here! and Core Qualities and the Core Quadrant by Daniel Ofman. In The Netherlands alone more than 25.000 copies of this game were sold so far.


Did you already know:
That you were born with a number of core qualities?
That these core qualities colour everything you see and do?
That you inspire others with these core qualities?


But did you also know:
That the pitfall is always too much of your core quality?
That therefore your shadow side too much is of something good?
That it is your pitfall that people address when they say: don’t be so…!


Do you furthermore realize:
That your challenge the opposite is of your pitfall?
That your challenge is that which you admire in others?
That it is your challenge which makes you complete?


And finally are you aware:
That you are always allergic to too much of your challenge?
That therefore you can learn the most from the people you dislike the most?
That your allergy the opposite is of your core quality?


Through your core qualities you express your true self. Examples of core qualities are determination, persistence, empathy, flexibility, receptivity, carefulness etcetera. As the quality of the sound of a radio is determined by whether the radio is attuned to the right frequency, so are human beings more inspiring when they attuned to their core qualities.


In other words to what degree do you know yourself and are you capable of:
√ developing yourself into a more complete human being?
√ making your relationships more fruitful?
√ accepting yourself in your imperfection?

(ENG) Core Quadrant Game

VAT Included
WEIGHT 350 g
SIZE 17 × 21 × 2.3 cm
ISBN 9789077987025


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