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This 75 page booklet covers the basics of the Integrated way of working with Core Qualities and Core Quadrants in the Spanish language. It is ideal as hand-out material for certified professionals to use in training programs. Besides a short description of the Core Quadrant® is describes mask quadrants, double quadrants, behavioural quadrants, stress quadrants, team quadrants and cultural quadrants.


The first chapters are about the integrated approach and how to develop a three-dimensional awareness of what’s happening inside you (your I-planet), what’s happening between you and the people around you (WE-planet) and the business issues you are addressing (the IT-planet). It makes crystal clear that success is only possible if all three dimensions are taken care of simultaneously.


The last chapters are about the differences between core qualities and values, personal development plans and why working on yourself does not make any sense.

(ES) Las Cualidades Auténticas y el Cuadrante de Ofman

VAT Included


117 g


12 x 20  x 0.5 cm



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