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Fancy Meeting Me Here!

Using Core Quadrants to Discover and Develop Your Core Qualities


Are you aware:

  • That by nature we all have core qualities?
  • That your core qualities ‘color’ all that you do or see?
  • That your core qualities are inspirational to yourself and others?
  • That problems are often caused by improper balance of core qualities?
  • That you can solve such problems by knowing about your core qualities?
  • That the Core Quadrant® instantly illuminates your qualities, pitfalls and challenges?


In his bestselling Core Qualities, a Gateway to Human Resources (1992), Daniel Ofman introduced the Core Quadrant® model that easily determines core qualities of teams and individuals. This method proved an immediate success and numerous companies and organizations have profited by it. This long term success is ample proof of the viability of this revolutionary method.


The success also created demand for a self-help version, enabling average readers to use the Core Quadrant® for personal insight and growth. This book is just that. Daniel Ofman explains how to discover and develop your own core qualities in a quick, easy and very inspiring way.


Daniel Ofman is management coach, consultant and director of the consultancy firm Core Quality International. He was responsible for developing the highly succesful and much used Core Quadrant® model, and his books on this and other subjects are bestsellers.

(ENG) Fancy Meeting Me Here! Discover your core qualities

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