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Building Commitment and Enthusiasm in Organisationswhen working harder no longer works  is the title of Daniel Ofman’s latest book (2015) in which he tackles the conditions needed to allow enthusiasm and commitment to flourish within organisations. His clearly argued contention is that organisations must set limits on what they strive to achieve and must decide if and when change itself should be a goal in its own right. His integrated approach towards life, work and organisation provides insights into why traditional managerial approches are failing and will continue to fail and what is needed to achieve better results with less waste of energy.


Enthusiasm and commitment cannot be bought: they will come of their own accord as long as what you are doing makes sense at the rational, the attitudinal and the relational levels. Overlook any one of these three levels and your organization will eventually falter, and with it, its human face.


This book is a wake-up call, a signal that managers and staff alike need to change direction.

(ENG) Building Commitment and Enthusiasm in Organisations

VAT Included
SIZE 15 × 21 × 1.3 cm
ISBN 9789077987377


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