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My book Core Qualities, Gateway to human resources is now available as a free download in the Russian language. It is the book in which the core quadrant® was presented to the world for the very first time.


Human beings can be inspiring or cruel. We all have these two sides in us, and peace starts with reflecting on our own behavior in stead of blaming others for whatever we do. We do not have to be victims of whatever we think or believe. We have the capacity of liberating ourselves from our own prisons. But the price we have to pay is to balance our core qualities with our challenges and to reflect upon our pitfalls and allergies.


In the end whatever we do from our pitfalls and allergies will trigger reactivity in ourselves and in others; whatever we do from our core qualities and challenges will trigger creativity both in ourselves as well as in others. And although these two words have exactly the same characters, the final outcome may either be war or peace. Both creativity and reactivity are contageous, both are a choice. I hope the content of the book helps people to reflect on their own behavior, especially individuals in leadership positions, responsible for the awful war going on right now.

(RU) Bдохновение и Kачество в Oрганизацияx

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