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Welcome at Core Quality International

Our office in The Hague on the 37th floor

About us

Core Quality International is a organization development agency specialized in facilitating development processes, founded in 2003 by Daniel Ofman. The mission of Core Quality International is turning reactivity into creativity. Core Quality International will focus on all the aspects of the IT-world, the WE-world and the I-world; we use an integral vision to address any topic.


The IT-world is about facts and figures, about targets and measurements, about control and progress, about the world we can make.

The WE-world is about atmosphere and climate, about culture and team-work, about togetherness and interaction, about making contact and being interested in people.

The I-world is about your inner world, what gives you energy, abut commitment and enthusiasm, about vitality and inspiration, about your core qualities and what makes you tick.

The triangular approach is a useful concept in its own right, one which for years has helped Daniel Ofman to detect those issues that developmental processes need to address. More about this concept you’ll find in his latest book Building Commitment and Enthusiasm in Organisations.

In this respect, the triangular approach is a very valuable complement to the Core Quadrant® concept which made Ofman famous in the mid nineties from the former era. The Core Quadrant® model is described in the book Core Qualities: a Gateway to Human Resources and was consummated in the book Fancy meeting me here…! This book describes the Core Quadrant® theory in the most actual and complete way, a must to have.

In the online store you’ll find what you’ll need, if not, tell us.

Whatever your question is, don’t hesitate to contact us. Daniel finds himself lucky with a wonderful crew. If we can’t help you, who can?

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