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Quality mark

The core quadrant is a registered trademark since 1994 and is free for non-commercial use only. This means that professionals such as trainers, coaches, consultants - who want to integrate core quadrants in their commercial workshops or trainings (and send invoices) - need to be certified.

For these certified professionals, a quality mark is available to place on their website. In addition, they will receive access to the downloads in Dropbox for presentations and trainings.

Daniel: "Daily I come across people that work with the core quadrant in a way that make me cringe and do more harm than good. The ease of the core quadrant is de power and the weakness of the model. The suggestion that it's simple, is incorrect. Of course, it is not difficult to fill in the words in a quadrant, but it's a whole other story to really find your core qualities and experience them. To just fill in the blanks is a useless, mental exercise when it's nothing more than that. It encourages people to work at theirselves while you really can't work at yourself. Especially this last part is an important part of the certification course."

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